Our Daily Schedule

Kindergartners thrive on routine, so here is how we spend a typical day:

8:00 The playground is open for student arrival (the cafeteria is used in rain/snow)
8:23 Bell rings- Students line up and enter the building
8:28ish Morning announcements/class announcements
8:30 Writing Lesson, followed by Walk to Read/daily writing journals and centers
8:37 Walk to Read (small group reading lessons and small group centers)
9:25 Morning Meeting (greeting, sharing, games, and a poem)
9:40 Snack (student MUST bring a snack each day)
9:55 Clean up and walk to specials (10:03-10:45)
Monday- Library
Tuesday- Computers
Wednesday- Gym
Thursday- Art
Friday- Music
10:45 Math
11:30 Lunch and Recess
12:15 Whole Group Literacy
12:40 Rest time/Small Group Literacy
1:00 Handwriting and Fundations Phonics Block
1:20 Science or Social Studies
1:40 Developmental Choice Time: students rotate through math, science, computers, writing, art, cars, dramatic play, blocks, and sand table centers
2:20 Clean up and say goodbye: we get our folders, sing some songs, or play a game for a few minutes before the dismissal bell
2:42 Dismissal from the kindergarten playground (from the front lobby during inclement weather)